Find New Homes for Your Loved One's Belongings

Let us manage your estate auction in Farmington Hills or Southfield, MI

You may not know where to start after a loved one passes their estate onto you, but we're here to help. American Appraisal manages estate sales and auctions in Farmington Hills & Southfield, MI. We'll help you determine the wealth in your estate and what moves you should make next.

Not sure if an estate auction is the right option for you? We can help you decide during a free consultation. Contact us now about your sale.

Why should you hold an estate sale?

A sale can be an efficient way to let go of belongings while making back some of your expenses. With an estate auction or sale, you can:

  • Help cover the cost of probate, inheritance tax and other expenses
  • Find new, loving homes for the items your loved one cared about
  • Move unwanted items out of your loved one's property with ease

We'll oversee your estate sale to help you get an appropriate value for everything that's sold. For more information on how we can help you, please speak to our owner today.